fierce as a wolverine

let the pain remind you hearts can heal


sarah as cosima didn’t even look like cosima and i will never understand that because they are literally the same person

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[reading fic]

[cute thing happens between otp]

[covers face]


[slides down in chair and pulls legs up]

[long high pitched whine]

[straightens self out and continues reading]

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"im a woman and im not offended?!??!!"

after years of searching without success, i have found her. the one. behold: the spokesperson of the entire female population. bask in the glow of her internalized misogyny. bask, my friends.

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In the books – and I make no promises, because I have two more books to write, and I may have more surprises to reveal – the conclusion that the careful reader draws is that Joffrey was killed by the Queen of Thorns, using poison from Sansa’s hairnet, so that if anyone did think it was poison, then Sansa would be blamed for it. Sansa had certainly good reason for it.

The reason I bring this up is because that’s an interesting question of redemption. That’s more like killing Hitler. Does the Queen of Thorns need redemption? Did the Queen of Thorns kill Hitler, or did she murder a 13-year-old boy? Or both? She had good reasons to remove Joffrey. Is it a case where the end justifies the means? I don’t know. That’s what I want the reader or viewer to wrestle with, and to debate.

—George RR Martin (x)

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PARAMORE - April 9th 2013

This is the album we were always meant to make. It just was never the right time until now.

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